Saturday, September 27, 2008

Change...But Why ?

We all would have heard this "Change is the only unchanging thing" or "Change is inevitable". While this is true to the core, what is not being addressed here is the direction of change and the reason for the change.

Some people might say that if the change is for the "good", the reason is not relevant. This might be true for situations but not for persons. And again "Good" is relative and my "Good" might be "Bad" for you and "The Worst" for a third person. So although it serves the political purpose of drawing attention or diverting attention, this kind of statement does not make a whole lot of sense.

This is very important for persons. If person changes or has to change, apart from the inherent reason(trigger) for change, there must be a logical reasoning for the change; Even if there is no logical reasoning the change may be effected. At a later point of time the change should be look out of place or unnecessary. Also it is said that we should not change ourselves to match up with each statement of "Good" and "Bad"; looking back after sometime you may not be able to recognize yourself and understand how you came from being you to this unknown person. As per me, this is the worst thing that can happen to a person. Again some of these "Bad" qualities is what makes You the real You. If there was an example of a Perfect Good Person and every person is pretty much a clone of this Perfecto person, then we need have a world or a society. Rather it will be like a set of machines who know only the right way of things. Also, there would be any Bad to contrast the Good against.

So I would say, for our own good, be yourself you can be what you are..instead of what someone else wants you to be...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Movie Review : Ore Kadal

I saw this movie couple of days ago...It's not a new movie (released somewhere in 2007), so I am just writing this because, of course, I felt like it. ;-)

I guess, this movie is all about love and its struggle with the materialistic reality of our society, measuring and judging everything by its monetary worth and shutting a already blind eye towards human mind and its many needs.

The protagonist Dr. Nath (Mammootty), is a social scientist and an accomplished author of many economics books. He say this is "I cannot be emotional, I cannot love, everything in this world is ruled by economics". He is in a research as part writing a book on the middle/low class indian people.

The story explores the emotional change in Dr. Nath through his interactions Deepthi (Meera Jasmine), a middle class married woman. The story is not the kind to be liked by the "custodians" of Indian culture, who says everything in India is/should be on the right side of the moral/immoral demarcation. It explores the kind of emotions and relationships long shunned/spoken against by this moral brigade.

As Nath, says good and bad is defined by the society for the sake of its own existence. I agree to a great extent. There is no absolute good or bad. It is relative, very relative. Whatever is common in a society is not considered bad. Then it becomes "a part of the game". The bad nomenclature is only for those who differ from the rest of the society or the professed rules therein. There is nothing much anyone gains by toeing the path drawn by the society; one step off the path and you are bad. While this is the case, Nath fails in understanding the emotional needs of his mind and that leads to his decline, accelerated by his reluctance to accept the reality even when it is in plain sight.

Overall, it was very stirring movie, worth a watch. Believe me, the director Shyamaprasad will have your mind swinging on the moral pendulum, through out the movie. The music by Ousepachchan is a very great plus point setting the mood right from the title songs, through the end.

This movie had me thinking in contradicting view points on the same topic, albeit in different sections of the movie. Initially I was totally with Nath, i.e. the good and bad as defined, in society is followed only by the middle class or the semi educated folks; rest all care only about their joys although it is by doing something considered "bad".

But in the later part of the movie which has Nath falling into the same emotions he so greatly opposed, it left me feeling very odd. It was like someone had taken me flying into a canyon of great depth and then left me for a free fall.
But you really can't help accepting the new things being said. It ends with a intriguing sequence of events which are positive at the end

Well, any comments on the above text or the movie ?...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Far..Yet so Near ...yet so Far...

This is the changing feeling I have about life and things around me... They are so near you feel you can touch them had you just extended your hands by an inch more..yet when you actually do so, they disappear in a whiff, leaving you feeling an emptiness which is hard to define.

You know what had me thinking in this way: I just attended an Onam celebration event at a local Malayalee samajam. It was good, in fact very good. There was indeed a great amount of Onam mood created using traditional music and art events and the all too special Onam Sadya with 4 varieties of Payasam, Avial, Sambar and so on. A big gathering of people from kerala, people who have been in USA for 20 + years to people like me who are like seasonal migratory birds flying in and out periodically. For all the people who drove from varying distances to MGM Hall, Garland, TX the goal was to make up for a lost Onam "At Home". The goal did succeed to an extent, at least for me. I felt nostalgic memories of my early days in Kerala and then through years until my college days, after which I was pulled to wherever my job needed me to be, to beat the world in a competition which has milestones but no finish line.

Back to the event. The venue greeted people with panchvadyam to bring in the feeling of Onam. Ironically though, the artists wore jeans and t shirts instead of the regular dhoties. The events ranged from Bharathanatyam and Thiruvathirakali to Chenda Melam and dances to the latest Tamil songs. A great variety indeed.

After all the "festivities" when we started back, it was like a re-enactment of my first trip to the USA. Driving to Jefferson Park where I stay, and getting back to the reality. Here I am typing this, knowing fully well where I am but not knowing where my mind is. Yet a day later, I'll be back to work and so should my mind. There is no escaping the reality of this...But till then, Happy Onam.

The Hall...

Mahabali Of The Day

Chenda Melam...

Maveli with Thalapoli ladies in the backgound