Tuesday, October 9, 2007

EVP - The way I see it

Just saw a movie called "White Noise". Built on the idea of EVP and communications from the dead, the movie more or less consists of a man recording static noise with a set of instruments and analyzing the recording to decipher human like voices. The voice "convey" messages from the dead people to the people who are still alive. And a lot of things predicted by them are shown to be happening in the movie. But how true is this phenomenon. How logical it is to record static noise and to put in time to analyze it to see if we can get some messages from it.

Also many of the things shown are very disputable. The static is shown producing pictures on a television screen. This makes the whole scenario all the more funny. Under normal circumstances the blurred pictures may be anything from a stray TV channel signal or a electronic appliance operating near by. And our brain is capable enough to imagine the display as some human face or something. I remember reading a story by O' Henry (William Sidney Porter) called "The face on the wall" school days in which a man imagines the stains on the wall to be forming a face which changes its expressions. I had a weird feeling for days after reading it and was actually trying see if any stains I find on walls do resemble human faces. And I did find a few - except that they never changed expressions. This film brings back those memories.

Apart from being able to bring a Halloween mood into the minds of people long before Halloween, these kind of movies don't seem to be of any value. May be they made a good collection at the box office..may be they had a good fan following. But according to me it is better if we don't get people thinking on these lines. We could use that time and money to work on something more useful for the human beings. May be we should have a restriction on movies made to propagate phenomena of questionable truthfulness. So much for a movie that took my Tuesday evening off...I had to write this and I knew it every minute while I watched the movie...

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